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HVAC Sales & Installation

The acronym HVAC stands for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It includes all the equipment, systems, and technology  used in residential and commercial buildings to control the heating and cooling environment indoors. HVAC systems can do more than cool and heat. HVAC can include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accessories such as: Hi-efficiency air filtration, Outside Air = fresh filtered Air from outside. Other HVAC devices used to improve air quality include Ultraviolet Light, Bi-Polar ionization, Humidifiers. When appropriately applied, these help to improve the quality of the Air we breathe. We use these devices to treat, filter and dilute, dust, pollen, and contaminants given off from cleaning chemicals, furnishings, and other harmful VOCs. (Volatile Organic Compounds)

The best Air you breathe all day should be indoors. Count on Us to make wherever you are indoors a safer place to live.

When it comes to selling and installing HVAC equipment, Lennox contractors lead the industry. The elite become members of the Lennox Commercial Alliance and represent exceptional service and experience that you can count on to install and service your system. Hansberger Refrigeration is proud to be the only Premier Dealer for Residential and Alliance Dealer for Commercial in the State of Arizona.

We sell and service all brands of air conditioning & filtering systems, as well as exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, walk-in coolers & freezers.

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