Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I find and evaluate a contractor to make sure I get the best?

Several things are combined to make a top performing contractor:

  • Years in Business, are they here to stay?
  • Are they active members of related trade Associations in order to stay current with new methods, tools, products and techniques like the ACCA or RSES?
  • Are they long term members with a clean record at a consumer advocate agency such as the Better Business Bureau?
  • Arizona Registrar of Contractors has a website so consumers can check a contractor's license, bond, and performance and does your contactor have unresolved complaints?
  • How long has the contractor been loyally selling a Premium product by a leading manufacturer? We have been a highly rated LENNOX dealer for over 25 years!
  • Is your contractor factory recognized? Hansberger is a LENNOX PREMIER Dealer and also a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer. A contractor must earn these merits. These manufacturers require a contractor be skilled, fair, responsible, make customer satisfaction a priority and continuously train employees to be the best. It requires dedication and hard work to achieve and maintain this level of factory recognition year after year.
  • Is your contractor involved, support and a long term member of business groups like the Yuma Chamber of Commerce, GYEDC and the NFIB.
  • Are the employees trained, skills tested, evaluated for their technical knowledge and certified by an independent organization such as NATE?
  • Is your contractor involved and support community and non-profits events in order to help make Yuma a better place to live?
  • After this research has been done and you think you have found someone, another good tool is referrals, ask your neighbors and friends if they have heard about Hansberger quality. Count on Us!


Question: Why should we consider adding a high efficiency air filter when we purchase a new air conditioning system?

Answer: With high efficiency air filters you will have cleaner healthier air to breathe in your home and the inside of your home will require less cleaning and dusting. In addition, the indoor cooling coils in your new unit will remain much cleaner. When your cooling coils remain clean, the system can deliver maximum air flow and can maintain full efficiency. This increase in air flow will help you to continue to save money on your power bill in the years to come. In summary, high efficiency air filters offer all this: cleaner air to breathe, less house cleaning and lower power bills.


Question: My air conditioner will not run at all. What can I do to try to make it run before calling for a professional to check my unit?

Answer: 1. Check to make sure your thermostat is set properly.

2. Check your circuit breaker. If it is tripped (not in the on position or the off but in-between) re-set your breaker AFTER turning off your thermostat.

Service tip: Proper way to reset a circuit breaker: Turn off all appliances fed by the breaker. Push the breaker to the off position firmly, repeat, push the breaker to the LIMIT of the off position FIRMLY several times to reset the mechanism inside the breaker. You should be able to feel the breaker reset. After you re-set the breaker you can turn it back to the on position. If you cannot reset the breaker after several attempts, then call a professional.


Question: Which is better, keep my air conditioner's fan in the ON position or the AUTO position?

Answer: This is a decision that should be made by personal comfort preference. You may have rooms in your home that are a little warmer part of the time and cooler in others. This may be due to the season, (the position of our daily Yuma sun) and the time of day. By turning the fan to the ON position the air in the home is constantly mixed and will provide a more even temperature throughout the home. In addition to a more even temperature the air you breathe is passed through your filters continuously and is kept much cleaner.


Question: My air conditioning unit is located in the sun, if I build a shade over it to help keep it cool will it work better?

Answer: Outdoor air conditioning equipment is made for installation in the weather, rain or shine. Constructing a shade is not advisable, if your shade restricts the air flow to the outdoor coils in any way, it will cost more to cool your home and probably shorten the life of your unit due to recycling of heated air.


Question: Can I troubleshoot before calling a dealer?

Answer: Yes! Check for sufficient airflow. Make sure air filters are clean and that supply-air and return-air grilles are open and unobstructed.

Check the settings on your thermostat. If you want cooling, make sure the temperature control selector is set below room temperature and the SYSTEM switch is on the COOL or AUTO position. If you want heat, make sure the temperature control selector is set above room temperature and the SYSTEM switch is at HEAT or AUTO. The FAN switch should be set at ON for continuous blower operation or AUTO if you want the blower to function only while the unit is operating.

In addition to the routine maintenance you perform, your home comfort system should be inspected at least once a year by a properly trained service technician. We can make sure your system operates safely and gives you the best performance at the lowest cost.


Question: How much money can I save by replacing my old cooling / heating system even though it still runs?

Answer: If your old air conditioner is over 10 years old it is costing you too much to operate.

Example: When you compare the energy consumption of a new unit with a 15 SEER rating to a ten year old unit with an 8 SEER rating, the new unit will consume about 46% less electricity. Subtract your potential energy savings and the reduced repair costs from the cost of the new system, (the new unit will need no repairs). You will find the new unit can completely pay for itself in less than 6 years. In addition you get the increased peace of mind and comfort of a new, reliable comfort system. One less thing to worry about!!


Question: What is a BTU and how does it compare to Tons of cooling?

Answer: BTU= British Thermal Unit. The amount of heat that will raise or lower the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. Usually used in BTUH (BTU per Hour) 1 Ton = 12,000 BTUH. A five ton unit produces 60,000 BTUH. It will lower the temperature of 60,000 pounds of water (7203 gallons) one degree in one hour.


Question: How often should I change or clean my system air filters?

Answer: Conventional 1" Disposable Air Filters should generally be replaced every month when the system is running. Replace filters with the same kind and size as original filter. If you filter is dirty enough to restrict air flow you need to change it more often. An easy reminder: Change your air filter when you get your power bill.

If your filter is not disposable, follow the manufacturer instructions for cleaning.

Ask about installing a High Efficiency Air filter on your present system it will provide you with: cleaner air, cleaner unit, cleaner home.






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