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Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric was founded in 1952 by Edwin L. Hansberger Jr. Soon after, Edwin made his brother Kenneth a partner in the company. Mark Hansberger, the son of Kenneth, began his full time career with Hansberger in 1971 after working part time since 11 years of age. Mark entered the management level of the company in 1980 and in January 2001 Mark bought the partnership. After 60 years with Hansberger Refrigeration, Edwin has retired, allowing him the opportunity for more time to do as he wishes.

In addition, in January 2001 Mark bought Air Temperature of Yuma. Air Temp was a long time Yuma company with a great history of good service. Two of Air Temperature's employees now work at Hansberger and all Air Temperature calls are taken by Hansberger Refrigeration.

While much has obviously changed over the years, many things haven't- including a defined set of values that foster a true sense of family, and a commitment to only the best in service and craftsmanship. Then couple that with a desire to build relationships that are based on old fashioned principles like trust and integrity; a true respect for the individual; a want to give back to the community, and you begin to understand why Hansberger is such a special place.

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Mark A. Hansberger

Total Experience: 44 years

Jediah Schmidgall
General Manager
Total Experience: 24 years

Albert Ruiz

Sales Rep/HVAC Technician
Total Experience: 25 years

Dee Marts

Total Experience: 30 years

Miguel Molina

Installation Specialist
Total Experience: 13 years

Victor Cruz

Total Experience: 37 years

Isaac Flores

Total Experience: 2 years

José Abundis

Total Experience: 17 years

Maria Ramirez
Total Experience: 4 years



Andrew Sutton
Total Experience: 13 years















Total years combined experience 428!


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